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Our training programs are designed not only to focus on the essentials for new puppies, but on key topics such as health and wellness and socialization – all of which lead to a happy, healthy and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your dog(s). The core principles of our training are based on positive reinforcement - a positive result for good behaviours. 


We also provide custom training sessions if there are special behavioural issues (house training, for example, or excessive barking) or if you’ve recently adopted a dog. Whatever your situation is, we’re happy to discuss a program focused on meeting your training needs.

Core Behavior and Wellness Program:

This is a five week program consisting of four teaching sessions and a fifth session which is Review and Graduation.  The teaching sessions are as follows:

  • Inside Behaviours (Lots to cover here! First days home, feeding, establishing puppy manners, managing excited puppy behaviours (nipping and jumping up), dogs and children)

  • Health and Wellness (including emergency first aid)

  • The Essentials: Sit, Stay, Come and Leave it (Instructional and Practical)

  • Walking Well (Instructional and Practical)

The concepts behind the training are teaching your pet those things that will keep him or her safe, and to keep his or her life and yours balanced by ensuring appropriate and positive behaviours. I also teach the universal hand signals to accompany these directives.  The standard length for a session is roughly 45 minutes to one hour each week. The sessions are held in your home, where your entire family can be present – we recognize that training works best in your dog’s home and this also provides ultimate convenience for you and your family.  You'll be provided with a personalized binder containing all of the sessions and helpful resources, as well as a First Aid Kit and Certificate of Completion.


We also offer specialized courses:

Wellness and Emergency First Aid: A one hour course conducted at your home which will give you the essentials to help keep your dog(s) well and safe. Includes your own First Aid Kit!


Enhanced Behaviour: For dogs over nine months old. Two one-hour sessions will address specific issues such as excessive barking, separation anxiety or reactivity. It will provide you with the strategies that can lead to a calm, well mannered dog. Many clients choose this course if they've recently adopted a dog and seek some guidance in helping both the dog and family to adjust, or if they've completed the Core Program and want to continue with more advanced training.


Walking Well: A one hour session conducted one-on-one in your neighborhood where we review and practise the essentials for a calm and focused loose leash walk.


Training Walks:  One-on-one walks with your dog and I.  There is a mandatory assessment meeting and walk to review your dog's behaviours and discuss your goals.  The essentials we consider for an ideal walk:  loose leash, sit and wait behaviours at roadways, and calm, appropriate reactivity to others (dogs, animals, people).


Group Walks:  For those who have completed any of our training programs:  A fun walk with other pups and their humans to socialize your dog and refresh the Walking Well techniques.

Prior to beginning any of our sessions, you'll be provided with a questionnaire which will help us best understand yours and your pet’s situations and needs. We require all puppies to be vaccinated as appropriate for their age and dogs over six months to be fully vaccinated and ask that you provide copies of these certificates.


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