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A little about me (because you deserve to know about the person who’s caring for your family pets): I’m a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers. I’m also a member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants in both their Dog and Parrot Divisions. I maintain a current police record check as I know how much trust is involved in bringing someone into your home. 


I've been blessed in my life thus far to have had many furry and feathered pets.  And I've had four amazing dogs.  My very best friends.  They've taught me about being a good human. And they've all been excellent business partners, be it as friends to the pets we've boarded or as examples of the calm and amazing life to be lead when dogs have been guided and taught well (hence my passion for training).

I love my little business and I truly appreciate the trust people place in me to care for their pets. I take every opportunity I can to continue to learn about animal health and behaviour, not just because it’s what I do, but because it’s such a significant part of who I am.

Let's talk!

Denise Holland
Cell: 905-903-6027


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